“When you close your eyes, 
and think lovingly about him or her; 
where do you notice your loved one?”

Psychology is currently making a big revolutionary step. It moves from focussing on language, motivation, cognition, emotion and the brain, to the spatial structure of experience.  “Where in the imaginary space in and around us do we feel, see and hear the things that occupy us?”  Researchers in Spatial cognition concluded that navigation in the 3-D environment necessary for moving, is the foundation of all other mental activities too, The brain is a navigation device.

In the world of psychotherapy and coaching therapists found that knowing the location of concepts, like values, beliefs, images of people, the past and the future, made a great difference in understanding psychological issues. And directly how to treat them. Issues with overweight, trauma, depression, intimate relationships, grief, motivation and many others, are understood swiftly. The progress in psychotherapy is immediately clear for client and therapist, when checked in the same 3-D space in and around the person.

What to expect of the international online conference, Applications in Mental Space:

  • An introduction to the revolutionary spatial psychological paradigm.
  • Various talks  connecting the existing research to its practical applications.
  • Understanding the deeper mechanics behind spatial interventions and having more concrete results as coaches and therapists.
  • The spatial cognition theories of researchers coming to life in demonstrations.

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Dr. Connirae Andreas

The Wholeness Work: A new psychology of “awakening” Check the [time schedule] for timeslot(s) presentation description Discover a simple method for transforming our life problems, that leads to what could be called “awakening.” Eastern spirituality includes ideas like “The small self is an illusion. Realize that you are a vast Self,” and “Enlightenment comes through loss […]

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Dr. Lucas Derks

Mental spatial psychological diagnosis Check the time schedule for timeslot(s). presentation description When all psychological processes manifest themselves in mental space, this must imply that this also holds for all mental issues. This idea opens the road for research into the 3-D patterns that coincide with psychological disorders: mental spatial diagnosis. Where the current state […]

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Prof Dr. Barbara Tversky

We Live in Many Spaces Check the [time schedule] for timeslot(s) presentation description All living things need to move in order to survive. Even plants rooted in the ground move toward the sun, away from the wind. When movement stops, life stops. The most fundamental movement is toward or away, toward things that attract, away […]

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The Society for Mental Space Psychology, SOMSP, is a non profit organisation. The Society aims at  combining scientific and therapeutic knowledge in the field of Mental Space Psychology.

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