David Kaetz

Space, Movement, and Transformation

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A demonstration lesson: part lecture, mostly experiential, lasting 90 minutes. This workshop can only be fully appreciated when you are lying down and have a pair of real loudspeakers providing the sound.

As cognition develops from embodiment, it follows that changes in the spatial characteristics of embodiment would be accompanied by changes in mental space. Conference attendees are invited to take part in a lesson which explores this relationship. The lesson will be done in sitting and lying. Thus a chair (or stool) and a space on the floor (with yoga mat or carpet), both within clear view of the camera, will be necessary. As music will be a part of the lesson, external monitor speakers are highly recommended (the lesson cannot be done with headphones), as well as a desktop or laptop computer with camera, adequate bandwidth, and a space where you can work without interruption. This presentation will serve to illustrate David’s somatic approach to the auditory sense, Listening with Your Whole BodyTM, developed on the base of Feldenkrais pedagogy. The principles and premises of David’s work are described in his book Listening with Your Whole Body: Better Hearing through the Somatic Experience of Sound.


David Kaetz is a teacher of the Feldenkrais® Method, a professional musician, the author of several books on the connections between somatic work and the inner life, and the developer of Listening with Your Whole BodyTM. He has been presenting workshops on somatic listening worldwide since 2015. He will be teaching this lesson from his home on the west coast of Canada.




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