Jacqueline Heemskerk-Scholten

Mental Space Psychology-Food and Overweight Panorama (MSP-F.O.P.)

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Presentation description:

The method MSP-F.O.P. is developed by Jacqueline Heemskerk-Scholten in 2017 under the supervision of Dr. Lucas A.C. Derks and is based on Mental Space Psychology combined with NLP. 

By letting people experience their foods in the mental space, we can quickly make a diagnosis. In general, you can say that food that is experienced close to the mental space is eaten faster. 

People with a healthy diet, experience foods at a greater distance. 

Old bad eating patterns can easily be changed in the mental space to healthier eating patterns. 

People with binge eating will experience food very close and can hardly move it. NLP techniques can be used to solve underlying causes. After that, the food is easy to move. 

Obesity can also be observed in the mental space, both associated and dissociated. By letting clients experience this consciously and confronting it with the fact that they cannot remove it from their mental space, they are more open to discover what is the cause of their obesity. The next step is to make this problem visible. Doing this in the mental space immediately shows what the problem is. Once the problem has been solved, you can let go of the excess weight, both in the mental space and in real life.

In this workshop I will briefly explain this method and we will do an exercise to experience how you can change the location of food in your mental space.

Jacqueline Heemskerk-Scholten (1960) has a practice for coaching and psychotherapy in Katwijk, the Netherlands since 1994 and is NLP Master Practitioner, certified Social Panorama Consultant, certified Hypnotherapist, certified by the Bert Hellinger institute for family constellations and has the diploma primary medical knowledge. She attended many workshops by national and international trainers and therapists.

Jacqueline is in the board of the Society for Mental Space Psychology as research committee member and responsible for the social media. Organizer and assistant of the MSP trainings by Lucas Derks in the Netherlands.

She is associated with the International Laboratory for Mental Space Research, Berlin (Ger), Nijmegen (NL), Linz (Aus) as psychotherapy researcher.

Jacqueline has participated as a therapist in a Dutch clinical study on the treatment of a mild depression with NLP and was also a research assistant. Her investigation into binge eating and overweight followed this experience.

She developed Mental Space Psychology Food and Overweight Panorama and regularly gives MSP-Binge Eating and Overweight training for therapists and developed the online training, Unconsciously eating healthy and losing weight, change your unconscious eating pattern in 3 lessons with video guidance.

Jacqueline has made an extensive online version of these exercises that is for sale in Dutch and the English version will be added soon on https://training.msp-academy.nl

She will guide you with a video and there are also other exercises that make it easier to eat healthy and loose weight. 

It is made for everyone, so not especially for therapists, so it is also suitable for offering it as an aid to your clients.


The link to it you can also find on the website www.coaching-therapie.nl



Eating healthy and loosing weight 


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