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Musical Applications of MSP - The Conscious Music Code

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Since it is a sound based musical session, please bring earphones / headphones for this session. It is very important to have this, as that will help immerse in the music fully.

Music and sound based interventions applying the core principles of Mental Space Psychology and integrated within ‘The Conscious Music Code’ – an existing transformative modality using musical elements ‘consciously’ to transform the unconscious images of feelings, thought, belief & linguistic patterns that limit one’s progress in life. How it Works? Anchoring of every image in mental space, with sounds and musical elements is done during Mental Spatial Diagnosis in the problem state. Interventions of Mental Space Psychology are then carried out by dynamically changing the 3D sonic environment. Highlights:

  1. Image = Sound or Musical Layer Anchoring
  2. Location, direction & height of image = Sound Design (Sound Design hear sounds coming from different directions in a movie) 
  3. Size of image = Volume Anchoring: Adjusting the volume based on description of image size Intervention

Music makes the process highly immersive, hypnotic and appealing to the ordinary person and helps in quickly accessing his/her unconscious reality.


About JEENA EARTHIVA (Orginal Name: Sukanya Ghosh) 

I started my professional musical career as a singer, with my original name, Sukanya Ghosh, while I was still pursuing Masters in Computer Science. I went on to have a successful singing career thereafter (songs in films national & regional, TV commercials, corporate jingles), winning 3 prestigious awards and performed (500+ Bollywood events) across the world.

However, in 2013 I lost my voice and no treatment worked. For two and a half years I struggled with depression, anxiety, insomnia, but my consistent spiritual practice helped me see the purpose of this period. I started composing & producing music and my training in Western Classical Piano (Trinity College, London, Grade 6), which aided me in the process. This music creation process triggered a complete inner transformation on my unconscious belief systems.

Ultimately, I healed my own self, physically & mentally (recovered my voice) and finally restarted my musical work, not just as a singer, but also a composer & music producer for films (2 upcoming feature films & 3 released short films). 

After 12 years of experience in the music industry, in 2019, I launched myself as India’s 1st Conscious Music Artist with a brand name - Jeena Earthiva, and started campaigning for the conscious choice of music creation & consumption, showing its impact on unconscious belief systems.

I subsequently launched ‘The Conscious Music Code’ – as a music-based Life-transformation modality. I trained under Dr. Lucas Derks (developer of Mental Space Pscyhology, inventor of the ‘Social Panorama’ model and co-founder of Society for Mental Space Psychology) and am now a certified Social Panorama consultant.

I then went on become the first person to create Music based application for Mental Space Psychology and also the first to integrate Conscious Music with New Code NLP, (showcased at the NLP Conference, India). I started conducting sessions of ‘The Conscious Music Code’ as a Transformational Coach. I am happy to get consistent positive responses. I am currently running my own online individual/group sessions for clients and also being invited to run sessions for brands and companies.

Inspiration to Start developing Musical Interventions of MSP: After training under Dr. Lucas Derks as a SOCIAL PANORAMA Consultant, I decided to apply music to the interventions of Mental Space Psychology. I started by referencing the book ‘Mental Spatial Diagnosis’, videos of Dr. Lucas Derks and took the guidance of Jacqueline Heemskerk (Board member and researcher of Society of Mental Space Psychology). The excellent responses I received from clients led me to further develop the work.



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