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Authority in Mental Space

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Having issues with authority is like a double-edged sword: on the one edge, when someone has no consideration for the authorities like police officers, judges etc. he is prone to take the rules in one's own hands and live regardless of cultural norms or the law and get himself in trouble over traffic offences, theft, burglary, violence, anti social behaviour and sexual assaults.  

On the other side, when one has too much consideration or fear for the authorities he can experience submissiveness, extreme shyness, anxiety and panic attacks. One may limit one selves, take minimal social risk, with a huge impact on his career and social life. Like the 

inability to drive, being stuck in an unsatisfying job, suffering from fears for the boss all ending in a low self esteem and so on. 

Issues with authority are also found in intimate and family relationships and this will determine the dynamic between the ones involved and the quality of their relationships.

How can we help ourselves and others to balance the relationship with authority?

When we know that everything that happens in our mind, happens in the Space within and around us, issues with authority will also follow a special pattern. 

Dr. Lucas Derks’s Social Panorama Model (1994) points out in a practical way how to adjust and change the mechanisms of Authority. And with the aid of revolutionary online 3-d software LOOMS this becomes even more accessible, easier and practical in our work with clients on face-to-face or online sessions.


Lumi Raz is an NLP trainer, Social Panorama trainer and Mindfulness master trainer from Israel, organiser of Applications in Mental Space Online International Conference April 29-30, 2021, organiser of NLP Online International Conference, June 1-2, 2021,

LOOMS online 3-D therapy software developer, Mental Space Mindfulness founder, Raz Institute founder, Society for Mental Space Psychology ambassador in Israel, In-Me ambassador in Israel.


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