Margriet Wentink

Words and symbols as an acces to the Mental Space of the family panorama of childhood

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Presentation description:

This presentation will offer both:

  • a theoretical modal about the structure of the Mental Space after traumatization during early childhood and
  • a practical experience with the approach

In a short presentation the idea of the ability of the psyche to ‘split into parts’ as a result of early childhood trauma, and the consequences of that split for the organization of the Mental Space will be explained. That will be illustrated with practice based examples.

In a brief demonstration will be shown how words and symbols could give acces to the Mental Space and could lead to the discovering of deeper structures, by using resonanceprocesses. How to overcome the split during this process, to be reconnected with wholeness again, will be demonstrated and explained during this presentation.


Margriet Wentink, born in 1963 in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, has always been drawn to learning and developing. Educated as a primary school teacher, she worked as a teacher and director at a primary school and as a school counselor at the Regionaal Pedagogisch Centrum Zeeland. She attended in her first NLP training led by Lucas Derks, followed by several more NLP trainings culminating in an NLP trainers degree awarded by Tad James and John and Julie Overdurf, in California in 1996.

Next, Bert Hellinger’s constellation work and later on, dr. Franz Ruppert ‘s trauma constellation work crossed her path in 2005. Years of studying and supervision under dr. Franz Ruppert influenced and changed her approach and personal development forever.

She has been developing training programs and therapy approaches focused on the long lasting or later to appear consequences of early childhood trauma, on pre-, peri- and postnatal psychology and attachment trauma, based on experiences at her own Institute, Interakt ( for the last 25 years. She offers individual therapy and group seminars as well as education for trainers, coaches and psychotherapists in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. In addition, as a direct result of the Covid 19 pandemic, she has adapted the method to make it usable for online training and individual therapy worldwide.  

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