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Matching MSP and SySt ®

you can increase steps towards a ‘better’

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Presentation description:

If you make movements, which you have never made before,

you generate fresh ideas. The paradigm of MSP is “Space is the main organizing principle of the mind”. Changing directions, relations in format and distance is changing the thoughts and feelings.

SySt: systemic gestures to bridge the gap from intention to fulfillment.


When you explore the MSP and SySt methods you will find (more and more) similarities. Nelleke walks with all of you along the same path to encounter reciprocal opportunities. After her introduction she proposes to share experiments.

The creativity level of a client can be increased in several ways:

for example through the possibility to step out of one’s self, to distance oneself from spatial symbols and to step in other people’s perspective and position. 

Setting up a (constellation) picture is the externalization of an internal image from the client. The advantage of externalization is that the (constellation) picture can be changed. Consequently the individual systemic parts can feel more and more comfortable. Reactively, the client will be able to move towards a solution of his or her problem.

There are various ways in which we can help the client experiencing externalisation and ability  to react focused on a solution. For example with use of small objects on your desk; draw signs on a piece of paper, glue post-its on a flip over. Also, our hands are useful tools in the process of systemic gestures. 

Before we start please make sure you have some small objects, some post-its and a pencil available and that you prepare some free space around the chair you sit on.

When you made movements, which you have never made before, you generate fresh ideas. MSP: the body writes in space.

SySt: systemic gestures to bridge the gap from intention to fulfillment.

I very much look forward to meeting you,

Nelleke van Houts


Nelleke van Houts is a host and trainer at SySt®-Nederland. From early on in her working life she became fascinated to work with the 'as-if'. Drama became her profession. Many people experience and learn about life within theatre and drama. Drama creates space to act and find insight and change with lightness and humor. In drama each encounter between people generates a field of discovery governed by rules. 

Nelleke integrates her experience as a therapist, facilitator and inspirator with theatre and drama, SFT, NLP, MSP,  in SySt® Systemic Structural constellations. 

Insa Sparrer and Matthias Varga von Kibéd, the founders of SySt® were her inspirational guides and teachers. Within Systemic Structural Constellations she found extensive depth in theory, form and facilitation

The grammar of SySt®  serves 'healing' processes.  Using different formats SySt® enables to transform the client’s problem in a spatial-pictorial representation with symbols or representatives. 

This process allows the participants to acquire additional information beyond

the verbal spoken words. What is observable and distinguishable in and around their body:  breathing, shoulder movement, viewing direction, equilibriance. Rearrangements, additions and rituals with the systemic elements can provide indications for possible steps towards a solution for the client. 

The common thread in my work is the creation of space. When the options to act upon increase, the space will widen for each and all of us. By acting out 'as-if' you already implement an intention, you bridge the gap between desire and will (Ludwig Wittgenstein Tractatus Logico Philosophicus). The will becomes visible in the act. 

Nelleke van Houts is in continuous and close touch with Insa Sparrer and Matthias Varga von Kibéd. Her text book  “Zicht wijze op ongedachte mogelijkheden” ("A way to view unthought possibilities") introduces their concept of systemic structural constellations and sets out its method.


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