Steffi Mueller, Dipl.-Psych. Prenzlkomm's Institute for Prosopiatry, Berlin

Aspect Panorama Swish©

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Presentation description:

The Institute for Prosopiatry offers a demonstration of one of their key methods of treatment: the Aspect Panorama Swish©.

“Using this method, we have been able to successfully treat clients diagnosed with severe mental illnesses. The basic principles and underlying theory of the Aspect Panorama Swish© shall be outlined together with video footage illustrating the procedure itself.

Some of the typical challenges and diagnostic findings encountered with our clients will also be explained. The basis of this method is a result of many years of collective experience working with our clientele and reflection on past casework.”

Bio and escription Institute:

Steffi Mueller is a psychologist and has been working as a coach and therapist at Prenzlkomm for the last 12 years, both with groups as well as individual clients.

She has always been interested in the relationship between philosophy and psychology and was therefore very happy to find like-minded people at Prenzlkomm. Together with her colleagues Steffi has taken part in numerous annual meetings and conferences on philosophy and therapy with Hermann Schmitz and other philosophers, therapists and doctors from all over the country to study, to practice and to discuss our theories and methods of treatment.

Around 10 years ago Steffi was a founding member of the Institute for Prosopiatry, grateful to be working with such a committed bunch of people, with her colleagues, who share a mutual interest: to work on the healthy development of their clients' personal (life) situations and personal worlds and to continue studying, developing and creating the prosopiatric concept of treatment. It is a great and challenging project to be a part of.

The Institute for Prosopiatry is part of Prenzlkomm (gGmbH), a psychiatric support network based in Berlin, Germany. The Institute concerns itself with the development of new approaches to the treatment of psychiatric cases previously deemed untreatable. 

Prosopiatry emerged from the integration of treatment methods derived from both NLP and systemic therapy in unison with the concept of the human being as a person as defined by German philosopher Hermann Schmitz in his New Phenomenology. Prosopiatry enables a direct, precise and gentle treatment of the affected person.

The institute consists of 16 members who are actively involved in continuous research and development of this new approach.



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