Rainer Wawrzik and Adrian Schweizer

Meta-Intervention-Strategy for (future) Mental Space Psychology Formats

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Presentation description:

Bandler, Grinder and Pucelik developed NLP as a Meta-Intervention-Strategy of the Intervention-Strategies of Perls, Satir, Erickson and Feldenkrais. Dilts added the Strategy of Freud and other famous thinkers. Lucas Derks brought NLP a step further and developed the Social Panorama and the Mental Space Psychology. The authors are at the moment writing together with Lucas a book, which shows 12 basic formats of MSP applied in practical cases with clients. To develop client oriented formats it is helpful to develop a Meta-Intervention-Strategy of MSP. This strategy will be presented in this workshop.

The Meta-Intervention-Strategy especially answers the following questions:

- What is „need to know“ and what is „nice to know“ when working with MSP?

- What can be manifested in Mental Space and what not?

- How can we use positive Model-Manifestations?

- What to do when the Problem-Manifestation doesn't accept the resource?

- How do we know that the change is stable and sustainable? 


Rainer Wawrzik started as a specialist in software-developing mainframe systems. He worked as a department manager and major project manager at Commerzbank in Frankfurt. To expand his leadership skills, he trained as a systemic executive coach at the University of Hagen. Further training with John Grinder in NLP, Steve Gilligan in Trance-Work, Gunther Schmidt in Hypno-Systemic Concepts and Lucas Derks in Social Panorama. He has been involved with Agility since the introduction of the agile organization at Commerzbank. He is a certified Scrum Master, accompanying the agile transformation as a Change Agent. He is currently Change Manager and Personal Coach for the further development of an agile unit. In addition to his employment, he works as a freelance Executive Coach.

Adrian Schweizer studied Law and some other interesting things such as Military Sciences, Journalism and Forensic Psychiatry. He became an Officer of the Swiss Air Force and worked as an Instruction Judge and Lawyer. He got interested in NLP in the late 80ies, trained with Bandler, Grinder, Delozier and Dilts in California, Fisher at Harvard and started a new career as an Executive Coach and Mediator. In both fields he is seen as a pioneer. He has written several books about negotiation, mediation and coaching. The upcoming book written together with HJ Znoj (University of Berne), builds a bridge between academy and NLP/MSP. Adrian Schweizer lectures/ed Executive Coaching, Mediation and Communications for Engineers (!) at the Universities of St. Gallen, Passau, Hagen, Karlsruhe, Steinbeis-Berlin and Lucerne. He lives in Switzerland and in hotels, SUVs, trains and plains. He has two daughters and 4 grandchildren.


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