Rainer Wawrzik

Freeze Breaker: unfreeze a childhood freeze

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If bad experiences of a physical or physical nature are made in childhood, these traumatic experiences ensure that the tormentors is integrated in the mental system as independent child-oriented personality parts (also called ego states or ego parts).
Child-oriented means, that adult tormentors are given the voice and shape of the current age of the experiencing child as an ego part. There is a so-called "freeze". What is experienced is not mentally processed and archived normally but is actively held in mind so that the limbic system can remain constantly on alert. Thus, there is a high probability that at least one "child" will remain as an Ego State. (Ego State = ego part = personality part = side part).
To break the freeze and enable development, we developed a succesful approach. It has proven to be very helpful with our clients and combines the ideas of different "schools" (L. Derks, G. Schmidt, S. Gilligan, ...).


Rainer Wawrzik learned the business of IT from scratch and developed into an executive and major project manager in the banking environment. His enjoyment in dealing with people motivated him to undertake extensive further training as a mentor and systemic executive coach. He works both as a department manager at Commerzbank AG in Frankfurt and as a freelance executive coach for personality and organizational development.


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