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There is far more to NLP and psychology of mental space. Whatever you have learned so far in your NLP courses, hopefully it will never be enough. My opinion: There is still a lot to develop. I've always been impressed and inspired by Robert Dilts when it comes to this point. To my understanding, we need to motivate many more people to not just consume NLP. Our job is to help them, train them and teach them to make much more possible with our basic NLP understanding. Today and here, at this conference, we are once again trying to get our thoughts out into the world. A small part here will be to present you with a story of setbacks and a series of mishaps but ending in a great success. A story that culminates my NLP knowledge and especially the background of the Social Panorama and MSP. We’ll show you how we invented a whole new way of introducing a psychological model into an artificially intelligent system for the talent management program. In 2015, we started to program a new way that helps to better recognize the talents of employees and students. It is our declared goal to help people to their vocation. This should be done right from the start. If people are used in a way that corresponds to their own strengths, they will contribute three times as motivated. Now, five years later, it’s time. We can show them what mathematics and artificial intelligence are capable of doing if they are fed by correspondingly functioning psychological models. If you wish, you are invited to listen and see what our steps were and what our results are.


Ralf Käppler became an NLP teacher trainer as early as 2003. Having become curious as an executive, R: discovered his love for NLP. He has trained more than 700 Practitioners and Masters since his appointment in Dresden. Also since 2003 he shares a deep friendship with Lucas Derks. As Ambassador of the SOMPS, R: has been giving many participants the opportunity to become Social Panorama Consultants every year since 2009. Since 2002, he has been driven by his unbridled desire for optimisation. This is also the reason for leaving the safe haven of the employed engineer. His vision for Stepout Trainings GmbH can be summed up in one term - EFFICIENCY. Since its foundation, everything at Stepout Trainings GmbH has been geared towards increasing efficiency. This in the areas of entrepreneurship, leadership, team and of course also with reference to the development potential of their clients. The talent diagnostics, here the subject of his presentation, describes the repeatedly vouched reference of his clients: "The better is always the enemy of the good". With Tagodi Talent Diagnostics, which is now getting more and more attention in the relevant circles, R: enables users to get their own talents and strengths certified. His conviction to let people work the way their gifts, talents and strengths demand makes it possible for young professionals, employees and companies to achieve the highest degree of efficiency, motivation and health in their vocation. All of this underpins the upcoming founding of tagodi, a start-up in Dresden, his adopted hometown, where he lives with his family.


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