Documentary by Cinema Monte Cinto and the Society for Mental Space Psychology (SOMSP)

Premiere of the Documentary Film: Navigating Social Oceans. The Social Panorama Model

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Presentation description:

Due to personal circumstances Ralf Käppler is not able to present on the conference. 

The film is 54 minutes and follows Chungmei Cheng’s exploration of how humans create social relation in the tree dimensional space around them. The story includes interviews with experienced social panorama therapist and coaches. Also a large part deals with a coaching session with Lucas Derks and a smaller part with an online session with Michiel Brandt, in which Chungmei is the client. The 25 years old social panorama has brought many insights about mental space. These days it is a therapeutic toolkit, used and known over the globe. The video was completed in april 2021 and will be shown in public on this conference for the first time. Feedback is welcome.


This is a coproduction of The Society for Mental Space Psychology and Cinema Monte Cinto.

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