Sebastian Mauritz M.A.

Resilience in mental space

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Presentation description:

Dealing with problems, stress and crisis, resilience helps us to regain or maintain our mental health. This process depends on protective factors, either individual or context. The presentation will explore resilience in mental space – both from a practical and a theoretical angle.

 The following questions are being discussed:

  • How are resilience, problems, stress and crisis represented in mental space?
  • What are the underlying principles of resilience in mental space?
  • How can you build resilience following mental space simulations?

 Since every human being has some degree of resilience, we will discover your personal resilience in thought experiments…


Sebastian Mauritz, M.A. in systemic consulting, is a NLP- und Resilence-Master-Trainer from Germany. He is 45 years old with his own Resilience Academy in Göttingen.

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