Sonia Richards

Metaphors of Movements (MoM)

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Due to personal circumstances Andrew T. Austin is not able to speak on our conference. Sonia Richards will stand in for him.

Developed by Andrew T. Austin, MoM takes the guesswork out of change work. Its precision helps to locate the client’s stuck point and how they are maintaining their problem state. The foundation levels look at the structure of epistemological metaphors that are common in all cultures.

Understanding the geocentric nature and how the 3 dimensional space relates to their structure of experience, identity and outcomes, can help open up a problem state that is locked in the right brain. By bringing it to the attention of the left brain it can be verbalised, illustrated and explored. We will focus on 4 specific elements and spacial influences in understanding the persons position, to help them create real-time movement and change.


Sonia Richards is a Biomedical Scientist,Talking Therapist, Trainer and Complementary Therapist and a pioneer for UK Hypnobirthing for over 21 years. The first International Chair of the Association for IEMT Practitioners, she was one of the first IEMT Trainers. Sonia is also a Trainer of Metaphors of Movement (MOM), the newest therapeutic innovation from Andrew T. Austin.

She gives talks and introductory workshops on Metaphors of Movement, and her experience of both modalities in therapeutic practice is very extensive. On-line and in person therapy sessions and trainings are available for IEMT Levels 1 & 2 (Advanced), MOM Levels 1 & 2.

Sonia has also been a singer since she was a teenager and was a member of two bands from Liverpool in the early 1980’s, namely Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Dead or Alive. Courses involve plenty of laughter and music


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