Ulrich Moser, Msc

Applying Social Panorama and Mental Space Psychology to Project Management

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About 20 years ago and long before I first heard about the Social Panorama I was working as a project consultant and was asked to support a project manager who's project was about to fail completely. One of the first things he mentioned was „The deadline of this project is August 31st. We must be ready by then because we promised out management to show the new functionality in the fair mid of September.” From his face I could see that the word deadline caused bad emotions and soon I was about to know why. In his experience, the deadline was the border to a no-go area in Columbia, his motherland. 

When I got in contact with the Social Panorama in 2016 and MSP in 2018 during talks with Lucas Derks I remembered this experience and that was the beginning of the Project Panorama which is a way to uncover the unconscious influences in project management rising from our previous experiences. Recently I had several interviews with project managers about their mental representation of their current and previous projects and the emotions arising from some typical terms used in project management.


After graduating from university with a diploma in mathematics and physics and additional studies in pedagogics and philosophy I entered the IT industry as a systems software developer while at the same time also working as trainer for different schools for further education. Through my career in IT I evolved to being a senior business and IT consultant and project manager. Throughout these years I took part in several seminars and worked as a trainer and lecturer at different schools and universities. This way I got some first insights into NLP. In 2014 together with my wife we decided to start an NLP education which we finalized as international certified NLP trainers by The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming in 2019. During this education I heard about the social panorama and decided to write my master modelling on this topic. So in 2016 I asked Lucas Derks for an interview and he kindly agreed. In 2018 I attended his Social Panorama seminar at the Metaforum Summercamp and got certified as Social Panorama Consultant. Since then I have been working on the development and application of the Project Panorama.

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